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SEO Optimization

Gulfmoon Website Design SEO Optimization Pensacola, FloridaSEO: Here's what it takes to make a great website. Imagine having to go on stage and talk to two audiences at the same time. You say basically the same thing to each audience, but you have to speak to each group in a different language. This is similar to the way it is with your website. You say basically the same thing to your customers and to the search engines, but you have to speak them in their own languages. Humans are easy. The understand your message and pictures relatively easily. Search engines on the other hand take a little more finesse. You have to explain your picture by giving them meaningful names, alternate text information and title information.

So lets say you have an image of a pie chart representing types of widgets. Instead of naming the image piechart.jpg you should be more intuitive. Name the image graph_of_widgets_by_quantity_acme_corp.jpg. Additionally you should further embellish the image by supplying an alternate text tag of 'Graph of widgets by quantify from the ACME Corporation. Do something similar with the title tag.

With the text content of the website page your focus should be on one main theme. This theme should be identified using the HTML <H1> tag. You should also include this main theme in the website page title bar (different from an image title tag) and the URL for the website page itself should include the theme in its name.

The main theme of your entire website should have word(s) in the domain name itself thay relate to your business. By utilizing all of these coding techniques, your website SEO will be optimized in such a way that the search engines are as clear on the subject of your website as your customers.

Modifying content on your website on some degree of regularity will also help your rankings. Why does a search engine need to crawl the same information every month. Why would your customers want to read the same information every month. Keep it fresh. Keep it interesting. The end results will make your efforts worth it!

Need more SEO support? Read more about Pensacola SEO here. Website Designs Serves Northwest Florida (Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Cantonment, Navarre, Century, Pace, Milton, Perdido) and Southern Alabama (Gulf Shores, Mobile, Foley, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Gulf Shores). We can provide our services online and via phone anywhere in the United States or World.

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